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The Ubisoft panel started right off with a huge win.

Before anything else at all, they put that trailer up on screen. And right after Matt and Trey come out on stage to explain themselves after saying they were done making games.

There isn't much to go off of from the The Fractured But Whole trailer, as far as anybody can tell there isn't any gameplay to be shown. We really don't even know if it'll be an RPG like the Stick of Truth was and it really doesn't have to be. The in-game story is switching from fantasy to super heroes, so who knows what effect this could have on the genre and game mechanics.

In any case, having never been much of a South Park fan, I adored Stick of Truth and can not wait until this unexpected sequel comes out. Hopes are already high and for Ubisoft, it may have been a mistake to start the show so strongly.

Next up, Ubisoft conference mainstay Aisha Tyler introduces an upcoming multiplayer medieval action game, For Honor.

That above is the cinematic trailer that they started with. Very cool trailer, but doesn't really do much to show you the game or what it's about. Instead, check out the gameplay demo .

I Want to Play this Game.

When it first started, I found it startlingly reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors (a favorite series of mine. I have no shame.) but a very serious more realistic version of it. And that's awesome. You and up 7 other players take control of armies; Vikings, Knights and Samurai. The modes they are showing are territory based. Killing off soldiers isn't really a problem but the game transforms when you come in contact with another player. Battle switches into what they call the Art of Battle. The right thumbstick becomes a directional control for your weapon while locked on for both blocking and attacking and when you get hit, death can come quick. The game director mentions being greatly inspired by PSX classic Bushido Blade.

They say the footage is Pre-Alpha (I highly doubt it. This isn't what Alphas look like), so it may be awhile but I'm greatly looking forward to seeing more about this game. It's coming for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Skipping a few sections, I'm moving on to Tom Clancy's The Division appearing for it's second year at E3.

This game really captured my imagination at E3 last year and it didn't let me down this year either. The gameplay demo above details a mission a party takes in The Dark Zone, the in game PvP area. During the demo, the main party finds another group of two that they end up working together with. After capturing loot and calling for extraction of the zone, they decide to turn on the others, killing and taking their loot. After the battle, the main player we are following leaves the main party killing his two partners, taking their loot and running off back into the Dark Zone. Chilling stuff that will surely lead to some broken friendships. It's gonna be awesome.

Disappointingly, it appears the game's companion app has been canceled after having trouble figuring out how to balance the drone aspect of gameplay. Here's to hoping they figure something out down the road and create some DLC for it or something, that was definitely one of the most interesting aspects of the game, basically being a special mobile-only class that you can add to your group.

Jumping right along, Rainbow Six: Siege was shown. And it was awesome. They showed off a new mode. Check it out HERE .

They also showed off a new cinematic trailer for the next Assassin's Creed. Syndicate. Check that out HERE .

The finale and pretty big drop was this.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is open world and going by the trailer features missions that can be done in a multitude of tactics. The trailer shows the same mission done three times. In three times of day and weather types. It's pretty awesome and also a really well done trailer. The narrative is clear and it gives you a very cool idea of how this game will hopefully work.

Another game series that I never was much of a fan of. By chance I even got to spend some time playing the original Ghost Recon on the original Xbox and it hasn't grown on me at all. I kind of hate it. BUT, this game looks fantastic and I can't wait to try it out hands on.

What did you think of Ubisoft's conference? Think they managed to keep the hype up following the big South Park surprise or did they never really reach back up to that hype as they moved along?

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