Season 14 Episode 6: Going Whole Hog for the New Year

Peter and Sam discuss the sixth episode of Top Chef Season 14, "A Southern Legend." This episode brings the Surgeon General to the show to get the chefs to make a healthy version of fatty comfort food and then brings us back to the roots of Edna Lewis and elevated southern cuisine. The quickfire has the chefs cooking vegetarian versions of American comfort food staples while running back and forth for their ingredients. The elimination challenge has the chefs cooking their version of a Southern dish that could be found in the Edna Lewis cookbook.

This week we break down the tricks behind doing a zuchinni spaghetti, why fried chicken standards need to increase (especially if you're going to put a waffle with it), and the finer points of deep frying with semolena when you can't do it in a pan. (Peter: DON'T do it)

Peter's recipe of the week is his take on a vegetarian spaghetti and meatballs.

Also tweet your answer to our question, "Are eggs vegetarian?" and more importantly "why is caviar considered non-vegetarian, but scrambled eggs are?"

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