Season 14 Episode 5: It Has a Beautiful Velvetta Texture

Peter and Sam discuss the fifth episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Smoke 'em if you got 'em." This episode brings us the best of secret bicuits and whole hog cooking. The quickfire has the chefs in an empty kitchen without producers to find out they need to make biscuits (shocker, there are chefs there who haven't made biscuits before). The elimination challenge has the chefs pulling an all nighter in a team challenge for a plate of whole hog barbecue with the fixins.

This week we break down the different tricks when making mac and cheese, why finding the thing you love and cheating on it is not the best idea (in food or in life), and why sometimes when you say you're making potato salad you should just make potato salad. (Peter: EVERY time)

Peter's recipe of the week is his "secret" Carolina barbecue vinegar sauce (Sam might even do some meat to go with it).

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