Season 14 Episode 7: The Podcast is Canceled (JK)

Peter and Sam discuss the seventh episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Booty." Peter's faith in the food gods has been rocked so hard that we had to break down everything in this episode that was full of sudden death eliminations, complaints about getting lobster and truffles as ingredients, and the giving up of immunity. The quickfire was the Zodiac sign challenge splitting the cheftestants into their respective elements. The bottom three were in a sudden death elimination where they had to make Earth Sign food, which the cheftestants choose steak tartare as the recipe. The elimination challenge was a scavenger hunt across the city with teams of cheftestants presenting their separately.

This week we break down how brining works and why you shouldn't do it to fresh scallops, how steak tartare is both a classic but also a cop out, and some strategies for winning if you're ever in a food competition pirate scavengar hunt.

Peter's recipe of the week is his take on a steak tartare served over a shrimp chip.

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