Season 14 Episode 8: You Can't Cook with Hate in your Heart

Peter and Sam discuss the eighth episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Restaurant Wars." This episode brings us the oldest Top Chef tradition, 8 contestants, 2 restaurants, and a ton of drama. The chefs had a schoolyard pick leaving Emily as the one no one wanted but someone had to take. Unlike other years, they actually cooked on separate nights giving one team the advantage of planning.

This week we break down why a menu of dishes with southern themes doesn't make a cohesive menu, how you can hide canned ingredients in a dish to fake it until you make it, and why dysfunction in the kitchen makes for a losing team. Also why Katsuji Tanabe will probably be our most voted Cheftestant of the week on the podcast.
Peter's recipe of the week is an homage to John Tesar, crab dip (even with pasturized crab).

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