Season 14 Episode 11: Were You Throwing Food at Me?

Peter and Sam discuss the eleventh episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Adios Charleston, Hello James Beard." This episode brings us the loved ones of our remaining Cheftestants in a quickfire that challenges them to not only come up with a dish but one that their partner behind a wall could replicate just by describing what to do. The elimination challenge is the ultimate adios to Charleston as the Cheftestants are asked to create a dish that is reminiscent of their experience in South Carolina.

This week we break down beurre montes, why putting eggs on things is overplayed, why some things are art and other things that look the same aren't and why wedge salads are horrible.
Peter's recipe of the week is a Seared Scallop in a sea broth with something that's not a sofrito on top.

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