Season 14 Episode 12: If I Drink Too Much Tequila, I Break Out and Dance

Peter and Sam discuss the twelfth episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Cooking Away in Margaritaville." This episode brings a challenge in a futball stadium where the Cheftestants need to get in touch with their inner goats as they get creative with goat inspired dishes with their Last Chance Kitchen winner, Brooke. The elimination challenge takes the Cheftestants on a wild ride with Patron tequila as they are challenged to create a dish with a cocktail pairing.

This week we break down what place alcohol has among food, how Sheldon's food is actually the highest form of Hawaiian food, why cheek meat is one of our favorite things in the world and how huitalacoche is both hard to pronounce and the truffle of Mexican cuisine.
Peter's recipe of the week is a surprise dish with a tequila pairing.

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