Season 14 Episode 10: If You Could Not Be Anywhere Near Me, That Would Be Great

Peter and Sam discuss the tenth episode of Top Chef Season 14, "Shrimp Boats and Hat Ladies." This episode brings us back to the high seas with a high stakes quickfire where the Cheftestants needed to get creative with shrimp in a sudden death quickfire challenge. The second part of the quickfire had the bottom 3 going creating a dish out of the bycatch from the fresh shrimp nets. The elimination challenge brought out the creative side as the Cheftestants were challenged to make mash up inspired dishes to be served at brunch with many hat ladies.

This week we break down the finer points of sustainability in fishing/shrimping, what it actually means to bring flavors and concepts together in "whimsical ways," and why Sylva will be the most missed Cheftestant of this season (Bravo, we need him in an all stars season).
Peter's recipe of the week is a Thai Spiced Shrimp Ceviche.

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