Hey, Listen!

Hey you. Thanks for finding your way to my page. If I had stuff to give, I'd give you a prize. Since you came here, you probably (hopefully) know that I'm Mike. I'm a Nerdy Knight and Producer Extraordinaire of Nerdy Knight Radio. I also do every job on my very own show, Let's Play Podcast.

We really love everything we do here at Nerdy Knights and feel so bad when life gets in the way from keeping up with everything, especially as we ramp up and continue to add more content for you guys, our viewers. In the same vein, we really want to know what you guys think about how we're doing, so feel free to talk to us on Twitter, or comment on YouTube and here on the website.

More about me though, I'm the trained film guy of the group. I grew up and went to film school in central Florida before moving to Maryland just outside of Washington, DC last year, and I actually might be making another significant move soon (especially significant to the Nerdy Knights).

Before joining Nerdy Knights, I had my own website and YouTube podcast called The Write Contempt, the predecessor to Let's Play Podcast. After working on that for a few months, I talked to Ben about combining our efforts, and that became the beginnings of the Nerdy Knight Network as you now know it.

For me though, there's still a lot more to do. While most of what we do now is based around discussion between friends and fellow nerds, my background is scripted filmmaking, and one day I certainly want to bring these talents to the videos we share with you guys.

Beyond Nerdy Knights, I love video games and movies, and that is exactly what I would like to eventually do with my life, produce fantastic and cinematically sophisticated video game cinematics. Think like Heavy Rain and Uncharted. I've trained myself in the way of filmmaking, and now I want to set my sights on animation and motion capture.

Anyway, enough about me. Thank you for hanging out. We hope to see you around, so don't be shy.


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Mike's Instagram

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