Welcome to my homepage.

The work that I do, or have done in the past is never perfect. I internalize a countless amount of flaws and missteps as I finish projects, or revisit later, but absolutely everything is a learning experience.

Here at the top, you'll always find my most current Reel and below will be previous Reels as well as projects that those reels are built from.


Now that I'm a part of the Nerdy Knights, I've taken over production on a number of our shows. This is Knightly Novels, a Comic-book Club podcast hosted by Ben Riddick every other Wednesday. Starting with the Daredevil episode shown here, I've brought a dynamic approach to the show introducing a changing camera and animated graphics like pages from the comic that are being discussed. 


The flagship show of the Nerdy Knights Network is this, Nerdy Knights Radio. Since taking over production of this show it's gone through a number of further iterations, each better than the last. In the latest version, I've also become a full-time host of the show while also producing behind the scenes.

A Nerdy Knight show that is wholly my own creation, Let's Play Podcast is a thrice weekly released Let's Play show. As a newly branded continuation of my old show (see the Write Contempt Podcast below), LPP has me and a guest playing through a game together while talking over it. It's called a let's play, it's a thing, I promise. As the sole creative force behind the show, I set up the webcast, play the game and host the show, cut the footage and sweetening the audio, upload and manage the product online at YouTube and then promote socially. I also drew and animated the intro animation, for better or worse.


This is the Write Contempt Podcast, the show I produced previously before merging with the Nerdy Knight Network. All 40 episodes of the show have been migrated to the Nerdy Knights YouTube page and the similarities to Let's Play Podcast are easy to see.

Desperate Housewife was a project shot for our 16mm Film Production class at Full Sail. The film was completely shot on a traditional film camera (Arri SR3) and without sound. As the primary Camera Operator, I ran the camera as well as the rest of the camera team for the majority of the shoot.

True Inspiration was an early project from Full Sail's Film Program. Digital Cinematography is where we really start to learn and get hands on with many of the positions involved in crafting a film. For this project, I won the role of 1st Assistant Camera, where my job is primarily to keep the film in focus. The opening crane shot (starting at 0:42) and the dolly sequence (starting at around 2:15) were of particular note.  
Following Digital Cinematography, I also cut together the edit you see to the right as part of our Intro to Editing course.



I was asked to do this wedding video as a friend of the Bride and Groom on a very small budget (100% went to gear for the shoot) and with just me and one other for crew. It was my first attempt at something so organic and run-and-gun. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait to get more experience doing these kinds of videos and edits.


The Initiate was just a small video I put together. I had to opportunity to have a day in this very cool location, so I threw together a very simplistic story, grabbed what friends I could get to come with me and we went. We had about 4 hours to shoot, so I spent the first hour putting together a shot list on the fly after seeing the location and then choreographing the short fight sequences. The rest of the time was spent shooting and cleaning up. The main purpose was to get friends that I knew were interested in learning more about making a movie, and to sort of teach them by showing as we went. Not really meant to go anywhere, the edit I threw together was mostly to show all of them what we made that day.


Gangnam Rock Ln Style was a video I put together in about 2 weeks. Barely into starting Full Sail and at the height of the Gangnam Style craze, the "Rock Ln" crew had a friend moving away to San Francisco in the coming weeks, so we all wanted to give him something special before he went. I secretly started putting together the video and recruiting other friends to help find locations and bring props together. The weekend before it was time for him to leave town, we had a going away party and unleashed this video on him. He couldn't believe everything we were able to do under his nose without him having any idea.  
Gangnam Style is still a mainstay song on our party playlists, and the crew involved can't help but get together and dance in sequence every time.