Two years ago we embarked on a journey of epic proportions. We believed that nerds could join together and form a vast kingdom. A kingdom that, given the opportunity, could do some real good for the rest of the world.

This journey began with the introduction of the podcast, Riddickulous Rants, that brought this group of nerd together under the leadership of Ben Riddick. During this show, Ben and his Round Table would get together every week to debate the great controversies that faced nerd culture. They discussed everything from "Best Batman Villains" to "Are Video Games Art?" just to bring people a well rounded look at different opinions.

After 70 episodes of Riddickulous Rants, Ben realized it was time to do more. We wanted to make this community a better place, which is why we decided to become the Knights you deserve. We entered the realm of livestreaming to bring you all more consistent content all the time. While providing all this new content, the Round Table has the quest of bringing awareness to charity.

Each quarter the Round Table will choose a charity to focus on and hope to recruit new knights to the cause by doing so.